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Functions to include another page in a wiki page

$include = plugin_load('helper', 'include');


Descriptionoverrides standard values for showfooter and firstseconly settings

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Foldable page sections

$folded = plugin_load('helper', 'folded');


DescriptionReturns the next folded ID.

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Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers

$popularity = plugin_load('helper', 'popularity');


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<h3>this is a test edit</h3>

Pin Map link

Numeric Formats

For help/assistance/support on the above check out: Level 1 Headline


  • High Accuracy:AD5686R (16-bit) : ±2LSB max
  • Low drift 2.5V on-chip reference: 2ppm/°C typ temperature coefficient
  • Tiny Package: 3mm × 3mm 16 lead LFCSP or 16 lead TSSOP
  • Unordered List ItemTotal Unadjusted Error (TUE): TBD max
  • Unordered List ItemOffset error: 1.5 mV max
  • Gain error: 0.1 % of FSR max
  • High drive capability: 20mA, 0.5V from supply rails
  • User Selectable Gain of 1 or 2 (GAIN pin)
  • Reset to zero-scale or midscale (RSTSEL pin)
  • 1.8V Logic Compatibility
  • 50MHz SPI with readback or daisy-chain
  • Low Glitch: 0.5nV-s
  • Robust 4kV HBM and 1.5kV FICDM ESD rating
  • Low power: mW at 3V
  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply
  • −40°C to +105°C temperature range


The AD568xR are quad, 12-/14-/16-bit buffered voltage-out DACs. The devices include a 2.5V internal reference (enabled by default) coupled with a gain select pin giving a full scale output of 2.5V (GAIN=1) or 5V(GAIN=2). All devices operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply, are guaranteed monotonic by design and exhibit less than 0.1% FSR gain error and 2mV offset error performance. The devices are housed in a 3mm X 3mm LFCSP and TSSOP packages. The part also incorporates a power-on reset circuit that ensures the DAC output powers up to zeroscale or midscale and remains there until a valid write takes place.

Block Diagram

Pin Map

Quick Setup Connection Table

Mnemonic Description
VOUTA Analog Output Voltage from DAC A

Level 1 Headline

Level 2 Headline

Level 3 Headline

Level 4 Headline

Level 5 Headline
Signal Picture


This is the CN-0196 Lab board. You can change the capacitors by resolder ones up to 50V specification instead of the used 25V electrolytic ones.

ADuCM 4x50 Development Boards

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