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 +==== ACE or SDP Driver Install Fails or Warns me the driver/exe is unsigned ====
 +Warnings may be safely ignored and dismissed, but they do highlight likely issues with your PC. The SDPDrivers and ACE package uses the latest signing technology and your PC may be out of date and unable to recognise the signing key.
 +  - Make sure the PC is connected to the Internet and can get root certificate updates, normally this happens automatically.
 +    - Check group policies to automatically update these run gpedit.msc
 +    - Make sure the setting below is either Not Configured or Disabled
 +    - {{ :​resources:​tools-software:​updateroot.png?​1000 |UpdateRoot.png}}
 +    - If you can't connect to the internet e.g. an "air gapped"​ lab PC. Try downloading a suitable update package from Microsoft to remedy the issue and transfer it via USB.
 +    - See [[https://​​en-us/​search?​query=Update%20for%20Root%20Certificates|Update for Root Certificates]]
 +  - Check for and install all the latest Windows updates
 +  - Check your group policy settings, these may be controlled by IT or a System Administrator
 +    - Ideally select Warn as the safer option in case you later encounter malicious software
 +    - Run gpedit.msc and navigate to the setting below
 +    - {{ :​resources:​tools-software:​codesigning.png?​1000 |CodeSigning.png}}
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