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 Please post wishlist items here, using the following example format. Please post wishlist items here, using the following example format.
 == Example wishlist item == == Example wishlist item ==
   * Description:​ example example example   * Description:​ example example example
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 == Fix dB/sec decay on envelope blocks == == Fix dB/sec decay on envelope blocks ==
 == More log/exp functions in general == == More log/exp functions in general ==
 +== More precise square functions ​ ==
 +  * Description:​ to improve low level RMS calculations.  ​
 +**"​Time Probe" window**
 +  * Description:​ same as Probe, but to display response in time (so, for instance, impulse response behaviour of blocks
 +== Automatic Startup is not saved ==
 +  * Description:​ SigmaStudio Project file seems not include "​Automatic Startup setting information"​ that is modified by user.
 +  * Note:This case is occurred on EVAL-ADAU1761Z and ADUSB2Z.(But I suppose all device might be happen.)
 +  * Developer feedback: ​
 +== Phase Modulated VCO ==
 +  * Description:​ the current VCO blocks in SigmaStudio support only Frequency Modulation. Phase Modulated VCO allows the contruction of FM synthesizers (FM synthesizers are PM synthesizers in practice).
 +  * Note: VCO with PM capabilities can also be used to make band limited sawtooth oscillators
 +  * Developer feedback:
 +== Bitwise logic for ADAU170x chips ==
 +  * Description:​ SigmaStudio only includes “normal” logic for ADAU170x. Even in SigmaStudio 3.13, it's impossible to perform a AND mask on 28 bits values. The current logic considers only the Q5.23 value to be 1.0 or 0.0, which prevents bit level manipulation
 +  * Note: The bitwise logic is extremely useful for many applications. For example, it simplifies a lot phase handling of sawtooth oscillators,​ just by adding an offset and then perform a mask for the wraparound.
 +  * Developer feedback:
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