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SigmaStudio Wish List

Please post wishlist items here, using the following example format.

Example wishlist item
  • Description: example example example
  • Notes: example example example
  • Developer feedback: (BrettG, Oct 17 2012) We will look into this request for version 4.0
Multiple traces on realtime graphs
Sample Rate propagation should propagate to all sources
  • Developer feedback: (BrettG, Dec 17 2012) SigmaStudio projects support multiple ICs running at multiple sample rates, so implementing an automatic “propagate to all sources” function would potentially break projects that are designed for multi-rate systems. However, I can see the value in having a “propagate to all sources for IC 1” option, which would set all of the cells for that particular IC to the same sample rate.
Fix dB/sec decay on envelope blocks
More log/exp functions in general
More precise square functions
  • Description: to improve low level RMS calculations.

“Time Probe” window

  • Description: same as Probe, but to display response in time (so, for instance, impulse response behaviour of blocks
Automatic Startup is not saved
  • Description: SigmaStudio Project file seems not include “Automatic Startup setting information” that is modified by user.
  • Note:This case is occurred on EVAL-ADAU1761Z and ADUSB2Z.(But I suppose all device might be happen.)
  • Developer feedback:
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