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Engineering University Program

Analog Design Kit

Analog Devices' Engineering University Program provides engineering students and professors with an affordable portable analog design kit (tools plus parts kit) that will enhance engineering students' educational experience by allowing them to experiment quickly and easily with advanced technologies and build and test real-world, functional analog design circuits anytime and anywhere.

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Design Contest

The goal of this contest is to inspire engineering students and professors from around the world to develop hands on experiences and explore new and innovative applications. Students can select from two different categories, the first category focuses on creation of a “design” project.

Winners of the design project contest will be invited to present their project to a panel of ADI Fellows and industry experts at the Analog Devices General Technical Conference (GTC) in April of 2013.

The “academic” project contest, open to students and professors entries requires developing supporting educational collateral to be used by students in first and second year circuits and electronics programs.

This is a great chance for you to win cash prizes, travel, meet new people and explore potential employment opportunities with a world leading technology company.

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This short 6 min video was put together to describe the purpose of ADI's University program, and has interviews with (in order of appearance):

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