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Welcome to Engineering Discovery

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Engineering Discovery program. Here is the place where you can find more about basic circuits and start your path to understanding electronics.

Engineering Discovery supports a hands on active learning program designed to make interacting with the world around you easier and more intuitive while learning about basic circuits and electronics. The program employs the ADALM1000 instrument and the ADALP2000 parts kit and a series of engaging labs and exercises to empower middle and high schoolers from diverse backgrounds to become future scientists and engineers.

You can find labs, slide ware, and suggested curriculum here on this site. Engineering Discovery encourages sharing of interesting experiment

The ADALM1000 provides two analog channels, it allows you to source and measure waveforms in voltage or current, easily characterizing arbitrary systems in terms of voltage vs current, over time, and over frequency. To offer this functionality, it uses a number of building blocks to take the fixed supply and digital interface of USB and offer voltage and current operation from 0 to 5 Volts (V), from -200 to 200 milliamps (mA), with precision and accuracy better than 100µV, 100µA, and 100µS.

We have a few labs, and are continuing to add more.

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